We never thought we would say, "We own Calhoun's". So many great memories with friends and family alike. I am quite sure many of you can say the same about that great Red Barn. It has been a staple in Grayson County for many years. After being away from the area for 20 years, We were driving by one day and saw how it looked and we were just heartbroken. We knew we wanted to do something special with the property. Shortly after, the proverbial 'light-bulb' came on and Jake's Place was born. It is named after our son, Jake, who has autism. Blessedly, he is quite high functioning, but his life will forever have an altered path. We have discussed many options throughout the years such as snow cone or hot dog stands. Something he could take pride in and call his own. We recently purchased food trucks and he helped us throughout this process. This next step just make sense. The food truck needed a permanent home and what better place than renovating Calhoun's. We can keep that great Red Barn and bring it new life as a food truck park. Jake has worked extremely hard to make 'His Place' something special. He will be involved at Jake's Place so be sure to say 'Hi' when you visit. He is the most lovable, ever-smiling, buzz headed, happiest young man at the place.

So, the next chapter begins. We want to welcome you to Jake's Place (or 'My Place' as Jake affectionately calls it). God Bless everyone for your support.

The Reeds